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Our name derives from the Fungo Bat, which is specially designed for coaches to practice fundamentals with their teams. It is that focus on fundamentals that many companies overlook as they grow. It’s not a shortcoming as much as an eventuality. As new processes are required and implemented, systems become more complex. Reporting becomes unwieldy, then things get overlooked.

We’ve seen it, lived it & fixed it, time after time

Coaching Accelerated Performance

Our consultative coaching approach differs from other consultants as we don’t just come in and tell you your problems. Team FUNGO coaches listen and work with you and your teams to uncover specific issues and opportunities.  Our coaches at Team FUNGO bring decades of front line experiences ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. We bring our business knowledge to your work place along with the lessons learned while coaching successful youth sport teams. This combination allows us to provide our unique insight and real world solutions to you and your teams. Our coaching / consulting programs starts with our H.I.T process.  Every situation is different and the coaches from Team FUNGO will customize our program based on your specific needs.

While other consultants often tell you what you want to hear. Our coaches and decades of experience at Team Fungo utilizes our H.I.T process to get to your issues.  We meet with you and LISTEN to where you want your organization to go.  We observe and survey your organization at various levels. We provide you truthful feedback and a game plan that along with our tools will address your key areas of opportunity.

Our Proven Process Produces Results

Discover & Analysis

It all starts here. H.I.T.  Honesty, Integrity and Trust. You talk we LISTEN. We observe and learn from your stores, restaurants, office, teams and customers. We analyze our learning’s and share our findings with key stake holders.

Solutions & Planning

Once we all understand and agree on the key issues. We will create a game plan for your organization utilizing our proven principals and tools. This plan will be designed to meet your timelines and objectives.

Training & Implementation

Our project management and training process will ensure that the implementation of the programs are driven deep into your organizations DNA. Our Coaching Accelerated Performance management process eases the fear of change.

Follow up

Team FUNGO utilizes our Coaching Tool Bucket to bring a variety of programs,tools and technology to provide you with real time data and analytics to see how your team members are embracing and driving initiatives.


Coaches and Player Training:  Have your team spend a day with the Coaches from Team FUNGO and see the immediate change.  Great teams are not made overnight; they all start with a first practice where the coaches have set up a complete “Proactice Plan”. Every team wants to succeed and our training programs can have an impact and make the difference for your organization. The “Proactice Plan” will help your teams visualize where they want to be and what they need to do to get there.  As Yogi Berra said – “when you come to a fork in the road take it”.  Let us help you take the right path.

Hands on training from Team Fungo


Team Fungo's Craig Ahren's during a Keynote speech

You will  find the Team FUNGO presentation the fastest, most engaging, motivational time of your convention. Your attendees will walk away with practical, actionable steps that they can put into practice immediately or when they return to their businesses.

  1. Coaching Accelerated Performance
    Developing a High Performance Work Team
  2. The Success Lineup Card
    9 Keys for Success
  3. TEAM – Customer Service
    Getting your team prepared to beat your competition
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Let us customize one of our three Keynotes for you

Coaching Accelerated Performance


What makes a High Performing Team function

Brand Aligned System Excellence


Getting to Brand Excellence

Total Excellence Amazing Memories


Make your fans talk

Workshops & Seminars

Leading your team is similar to coaching youth teams. Different programs call for different practice and game plans.  Our 90 to 120 minute workshops can accompany a keynote or they can be a standalone presentation to your team.  The seminars provide a hands on approach to learning Team FUNGO’s basic principles and approach. These programs are designed to get your teams engaged and energized for learning, change and success.

Craig Ahrens of Fungo Consulting, leading a seminar

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